The Short Version...
I have been involved in the arts since a young age and discovered graphic design in the early 90's while studying drawing and painting. After taking all the computer graphics courses available at my local college, I bought a Macintosh computer, some graphics software with a drawing tablet, and never looked back. Well, maybe side to side occasionally, but never back. ;)
After studying on my own for a while, I got a position as an intern for a Washington DC design firm, and after about a year I helped one of the designers start her own business. I worked for several companies after that and began working independently in 2001, building up my experience and skills over the years on hundreds of projects for individuals, organizations, and small businesses. 
My projects have ranged from print to web design, sound and video, to interactive CD ROMs and 3D visualizations. My focus is always on the vision of my client, the requirements of the project, and the needs of the end user.
The images on this site are a small sampling of my work. I am continuing to add to it from my archives, so check back to see what's new. Contact me if you would like to work together.
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